Metal 3D Printers

3D Micro Metal 3D Printer
CMI’s Macro And Micro 3D Printers Are The Leaders In Micro 3D Printing Technology For Metal Accessories.
The Solutions We Provide, Merge For The First Time The Capabilities Of Micro-Manufacturing With The Advantages Of 3D Printing. Our Printers, Inspired By Industrial Needs And Research And Development Needs, Make It Possible To Meet A Large Part Of The Range Of User Requirements. Low Operating Costs, Availability And Compliance With Industrial Performance Standards Such As Zero-Point Clamping Systems, Production In An Inert Gas Atmosphere Including Gas Cleaning And Providing Remote Support, Guarantee Optimal Technical And Commercial Results.
If You Have Unique Requirements Or Needs, Contact Us.
The Exclusive Business Partners For The Sale Of Our Printers Are 3D Microprint & 3D-Micromac AG.

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