3d design

Engineering assistance and training in the field of 3d printing

There are many advantages to the technology of printing metal parts in 3d in the aspects of engineering, production and logistics.

Many companies in israel and around the world are already taking advantage of these advantages.

The knowledge of advanced planning methods is the key to the full and efficient application of the technology and to obtaining high quality of the manufactured items.

Our goal is to help you find the best way to enjoy the benefits of cmi’s unique 3d printing technologies!

The cmi 3d printing company gives its customers the opportunity to take a step forward in the use of 3d printing technology applications adapted to their unique needs.

The services we provide:

The intention is to realize the potential of 3d printing
Classification and selection of items.
Choosing the most appropriate technology.

Training the employees on the site and using online learning.
Advice on choosing suitable 3d printing applications.
Optimizing the components and simulating the production processes.
Together with the companies we represent, creating seminars for new design approaches for aerospace products and the production of medical and industrial products.

The implementation of the equipment and consulting in the field of quality assurance at the company additive manufacturing.
Trainings for the companies’ managements for implementation and certification in the specific areas of interest.

Scenario analysis, strategic consulting with additive manufacturing companies and m&a projects.

Additional Products:

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