Discovery 3d printer

Print volume

1150 x 800 x 500 mm

Made in spain

Full design, development and manufacturing by cnc barcenas more than two years of research and development resulted in the production of a reliable and improved performance printer capable of producing large items with a high quality finish.

Fff technology

An industrial 3d printer with fff technology capable of handling the most demanding tasks of industry 4.0. With independent double filling which can be used in the production of the support material and the items using different materials and colors.

Raw materials

The discovery model 3d printer can work with pla, asa, abs, pa, hips, 3d850, petg, abs medical, abs hi and other approved raw materials.


All the fillers available on the market that comply with standard 1.75.

Large working dimensions

Able to produce large items using the large work volume at her disposal 1150 x 800 x 500 (x, y, z).

Work surface

The printer includes a completely sealed chamber and a heated work surface (up to 175°c) and is able to work with the most challenging and difficult materials to process.


Extruder at a temperature of 450°c.


Advanced software interface of its kind.

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