Temperature range for use:

-40°c – 150°c for pet

-40°c – 200°c for pbt



Ester tube is braided from single fiber, pet or pbt polyester fibers and is used for cable protection.

Pet – is an acronym for polyester terephthalate

Pbt – stands for polybutylene terephthalate. The production is carried out by polycondensation of dimethyl terephthalate (dmt) and 1,4 butane-diol. Due to its properties listed below, pbt is classified in the group of technical plastic materials.

High temperature resistance (over c200 or k473).
Dimensional stability (does not absorb water)
High ductility, resistance to creep.
Exceptional fire resistance capabilities when used for fire protection.

Other important features of pbt:

Low friction coefficient.
Good dielectric properties.
Durability over time – durable properties.

Description of the model series:

The ester sleeves come in diameters of 3 to 60 mm.

There are two models for the ester sleeves:

300 series – for low-cost normal wiring.

800 series – for protection of wiring at high temperatures and protection against fire.

Ester series – 300 pet – fiber diameter 0.22, sleeve diameter 3-60 mm. Comes in two colors (black and gray). This cover type is not identified by a color code.

Ester series – 800 pbt – fiber diameter 0.25, sleeve diameter 3-60 mm. Comes in two colors (black and gray). This cover type is identified by a black coating for the gray basic model and a gray coating for the black basic model.

The product is supplied in coils of different lengths but with a minimum of one connection per length unit.



The ester sleeve can be used for the following purposes:

Cabling (electrical junctions) for scientific, electronic, electrical, telephone, televisions and aviation or marine equipment.
Cables (electrical braids) for large lengths and in places where the sleeve has to withstand large mechanical forces and at the same time be fire resistant.

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