Lifting And Conveying Systems


Hetek’s container and shelter transportation systems show their true capabilities and strengths when lifting, leveling and transporting in complex terrain and environmental conditions away from the home base infrastructures.

These are used for defense systems, disaster assistance, transporting equipment for the land army, navy and air force, loading cargo air planes( such as c-130), technical assistance services and assistance in international crises and disasters. In fact, wherever it is required to transport heavy loads and special systems under varying environmental conditions.

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Various applications for hetek’s lifting and handling equipment:
Loading and unloading containers/ shelters on cargo planes.
Mobile communication units for satellites.
Containers/shelters with radar and telecommunication equipment.
Containers/shelters for fire fighting equipment.
Infrastructure containers (electricity, water, gas and air conditioning).
Launch units systems and special device (for uavs and more).
Simulation and practice systems.
Environmental monitoring stations, technical services.
Command positions.
Field hospitals, mobile clinics and decontamination units.
Civil and commercial containers.
All systems are designed and adapted to the costumer’s operational needs and conditions.

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