Micro 3d printing services for metals

Cmi together with 3d microprint gmbh provides a wide range of products to support your product design for serial production of tiny metal items. We assist you with our engineering services to find potential items, to optimize the design, determine the principles and feasibility of execution and support up to ongoing production. Regardless of where you ordered the items from or in which workshop you will perform the processing or you want to perform the operation of the micro laser sintering machines in the areas of your production site – we will find the solution together.

We are happy to develop micro laser sintering machines adapted to your needs or the type of materials or your process.


Micromac 3d printers provide optimal results in terms of detail resolution, precision and surface finish for 3d printed micro metallic items. Inspired by the requirements from the industry and the fields of research and development, our machines support a wide segment of the industry according to the requirements of the users. Low operating cost, availability to work in accordance with industrial standards such as zero seal systems, construction of an inert gas atmosphere including gas cleaning and remote support, guarantee the best technical and commercial results.

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