Ndt pcrt – non-destructive testing

Non-destructive testing is the answer for 3d printed metal parts.

Cmi is the official representative of vibrant in israel.

Process compensated resonance testing (pcrt) is an economically suitable replacement for destructive testing and increases safety and financial savings in production by detecting process deviations and structural defects that cannot be detected by other testing methods.

The pcrt technology is not limited to the detection of specific anomalies against defined performance specifications or allowable standard intervals, but goes one step further. Taking the guesswork out of identifying potential failures, we examine each item while identifying anomalies – even those you could not have known existed.

Traditional non-destructive testing in the field of aviation

Only known subjects are examined and in many cases cover only a small part of the items produced due to the existing sampling methods. Destructive testing becomes very expensive very quickly.

Adding vibrant’s innovative pcrt technology to your non-destructive testing system allows you to quickly examine all items and immediately identify any problematic issues, thus allowing you to put an end to expensive destructive testing.





Advantages of vibrant’s pcrt technology

Value added:

Increasing the “bottom line” profit by reducing the amount of waste.
Stop scrapping potential good items
Potential for discovering possible defects.

Reduced the chance of test failure. Vibrant’s pcrt technology checks the entire depth of the item and quickly identifies non-compliant items.

Increasing efficiency. Pcrt testing can be performed on dozens of items in seconds while other traditional testing methods can take several days to test a single item.


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