Printer model dmp50gp

The dmp50gp printer has been in use since 2013 for industrial and research and development purposes. The printer processes materials such as pla, tungsten and highly reactive materials such as titanium.

The printer prints in high resolution in detail with precision and surface finish at a high level.

Low printer operating costs and ease of operation are the main features of this model. Processing and operational safety is ensured by using an inert argon atmosphere and airlocks to ensure that metal particles down to 5 microns are processed safely. The dmp50gp model has a variety of capabilities and is used for research and development needs as well as serial industrial production.

Guitar pick:

50 watt infrared laser.
Size of the laser focus point – > 30 microns.
Construction surface with a diameter of 57 x 30 mm.
Processing layer thickness 1 to 5 microns.
Inert gas atmosphere.
Design for complete gas sealing including cleaning with gas – low operating costs.
Airlocks and openings for quick transportation.
Processing of reactive materials.
The dmp50gp model is the right choice for you to enter the world of additive manufacturing of micro metal items.

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