Printer model dmp60gp

The dmp50gp model is the current generation of laser microsintering. The requirements from industry and universities helped us develop the upgraded system.

Choose the model that best suits your requirements:

Dmp60: the printer with the lowest operating costs for universities and research and development. The processing is carried out on non-reactive materials only.

Dmp63: the most common printer to use. Used for printing reactive and non-reactive materials. The model includes zero clamping, systems to allow easy handling after processing and high performance accuracy based on industrial standards. The printer is available with a higher power laser for processing high melting point materials.

Guitar pick:

Infrared laser.
Processing layer thickness 1 to 5 microns.
Inert gas atmosphere.
Airlocks and openings for quick transportation.
Processing of highly reactive materials.
Zero clamps, build surface, high resolution laser.
Dmp60: diameter 60 mm x 30 mm < 30 micrometers, gas purification 50 w no
Dmp63: square 60 mm x 30 mm < 30 μm, purified gas 50 w (70 w), yes.
Dmp64: 60 mm x 30 mm < 15 μm, gas purged 50 w, yes.

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