Printing small items (micro printing)

3d microprint gmbh provides complete solutions for the production chain for the production of precise metal items.

Experience the high level of precision in 3d printing.
Printing small metal items while paying attention to the details, polished surface finishing and high level accuracy are the key to the capabilities of 3d microprint gmbh.

The micro laser sintering technology is effective in terms of costs, high material efficiency and economic production for customized items as well as serial production of small metal items including all the advantages of 3d printing. We offer a number of raw materials such as several types of flbm as well as materials with a high melting temperature such as molybdenum or tungsten. Do not hesitate to contact us for the customized materials for you. We also handle post-production processes such as electrical discharge machining (edm), sandblasting , plasma polishing and others.

Typical industries:

Medical industry.
The automotive industry.
Semiconductors and mems
Energy and chemicals
Diamonds and watches

Additional Products:

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