Super discovery 3d printer

Print volume 1000 x 2500 x 1300 mm

Made in spain by discovery 3d printer

The first model was designed and manufactured for navantia within the framework of the company’s 3d printing cells project as a solution to the company’s requirement for production equipment of large items.

Use of pellets

The printer does not use fillers or powders as raw materials. The production is carried out using an innovative technology of direct extrusion of spheroids.


Raw materials

Allows the use of any thermoplastic polymer at reasonable prices and without losing the properties of the raw material: asa, d850, ppe cf, pc cf, abs, abs cf.

Continuous and unlimited feed

The printer includes an automatic pellet feeder that enables continuous feeding to produce items of any weight, volume or complexity used in industry 4.0.

Adapted work surface

The standard printing volume is 1300 x 2500 x 1000 mm but adjustments can be made according to the customer’s requirement.

Work surface

The printer includes a completely sealed chamber and a heated work surface (up to 175°c) and is able to work with the most challenging and difficult materials to process.


Extruder at a temperature of 450°c.


Advanced software interface of its kind.

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