Ebam 3d printers- macro dimensions

Save time and money in the production of large metal parts and prototypes using the systems and the unique service of the cmi company which is the exclusive representative of the sciaky company in israel that prints metal parts in 3d using the electron beam method – ebam.

Sciaky launched electron beam additive manufacturing technology in 2009 with the goal of saving time and money for manufacturers in the production of large metal parts and prototypes. Today, the company’s ebam technology remains the only means of industrial-scale production with full programming capabilities to achieve items with a structure close to a metal mesh structure including hard-to-machine metals such as titanium and tantalum.


What is the uniqueness of sciaky’s printing for printing parts on a large scale?

The company’s ebam technology is capable of producing large, high-quality metal structures up to 19 feet in length from titanium, tantalum and nickel-based alloys within days and with high material efficiency.

While sciaky’s specialty is the production and printing of large, high-value metal parts, the ebam technology is equivalent to 3d printing small metal parts (up to 1 mm in size).

What are some of the benefits of sciaky’s ebam technology?

Significant reduction in material costs.
Shortening production and delivery times.
Reduction of machining times by up to 80%
Saving money on expensive forging processes.
Lowering waiting times for painting, castings, etc.
Is sciaky’s ebam technology also available for prototyping?

Indeed, sciaky can produce prototypes and production parts for you using the groundbreaking ebam technology for significant time and money savings. All you have to do is share your cad files and project requirements and materials. Our ebam experts will work closely with you at all stages of the process.

Can I purchase sciaky’s ebam system to produce items and prototypes in my factory?

Yes. Sciaky now offers ebam systems for purchase. All of the company’s ebam systems are tailored to your unique needs. The sciaky company also provides an in-depth practice and study system as well as a support system to make your team experts in ebam technology. Below you can see an example of a common ebam system.


Electron beam welding technology

Electron beam welding (ebam) is an excellent choice for applications involving the handling of hard metals and non-uniform materials. The advantages of this welding method include increased strength per unit area with very low heat emission and, as a result, a minimum of distortions. Items welded with this technology require as a minimum the performance of preliminary mechanical processing of welds and heat treatment and unlike other welding and fusion products, no shielding gases are required. The welding quality is exceptional in nature and the process is highly efficient (usually around 95%). The process is carefully controlled and fully automated.

Electron beam welding technology offers the following advantages:

Flexibility for welding thin sheets and joining them to items of great thickness (penetration depth greater than 2.5 inches).
Multiaxial electron beam control.
High ratio of depth to thickness
Maximum penetration with minimal distortion.
Exceptional welding power.
Inert environment (vacuum)
High accuracy and repeatability with 0% actual waste.

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